At Each Child’s Own Pace

Hello! Let me report the latest CoderDojo Nishinomiya session, which took place on August 30, 2015.

At this time’s session, experienced Ninjas(kids) who had already joined a number of our Dojo sessions seemed to be concentrate on what they wanted to create at their own pace.


There were newcomer Ninjas as well. They learned how to code using Scratch while our mentors attended and helped them learn. Everything the kids learned must be new to them. Yet as they keep coming to CoderDojo sessions, I think they will find what they are interested in. Then they will read relevant books, ask mentors questions, do some research, and eventually work on what they want to create at their own pace. Cool, isn’t it?

And one more report! One of our Arduino-expert mentors brought wide varieties of electric parts for the last time’s Arduino workshop (We offer Arduino workshops regularly). Look at these!


It seems the more our mentors want to help Ninjas explore their interests in coding, the more stuff the mentors bring at our Dojos. I was very happy and impressed with our mentors’ efforts and generosity.

Our upcoming dojo will be held at Umeda on September 19, 2015.

☆For kids, please find how to join the Dojo from the following☆
☆Also we’re looking for mentors who can join us☆

This post was translated from Japanese and edited. The original version  was written by Chiharu Nagatomi. Chiharu also took all the great photos here.

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