Kids Made Their Presentations More Creative!

Let me write about a CoderDojo session that we had at Umeda on Sept 19.

At this CoderDojo session, we set three tables to provide three different programming courses: Scratch, Aruduino and Python.


Each Ninja looked well planned on what they wanted to do or create prior to the session.

Both at CoderDojo Nishinomiya and Umeda, we always have presentation time for kids and mentors to make pitches. It is always one of the most exciting moments during our every session. The more kids make presentations, the more they try to make those creative. Let me introduce some of the presentations which were made during the session.

[Presentations on Arduino]

The first presentation is about no collision car that equips a sensor at its front body. Its creator Ninja wrote codes to get the sensor work to avoid obstacles when it detects the obstacles. This surprised mentors a lot. The car reminds me a popular vacuum cleaning robot.


Besides, there were presentations mace by other Ninjas. One Ninja coded to display letters on a digital board, and another Ninja coded to control color changing patterns of LED lights. DSC_0524 [Presentations on Scratch] On the Scratch learners’ table, a Ninja created a dress-up game. He designed the game well to make it fun. During his presentation, we all laughed at the doll’s image when all cloths are taken off from the doll. 


Another Ninja created a quiz game. First a question appeared. After one of kids answered the question, the correct answer appeared. This presentation gave the audience kids a sense of participation as they tried to answer each question. Besides there were games such as SuperMario, and a remix of Scratch cat-and-mouse game. Our Ninjas were so full of ideas and really amazing!

Other kids who didn’t make presentation this time also looked happy with their works. They said “I made it!” as they found progress in what they were creating. We hope they will pitch their works next time, because making a presentation is fun even if his or her work is in progress.

The kids’ presentations were so warmed up that I hardly remember presentations made by mentors. Sorry mentors, but please join us again next time!

☆For kids, please find how to join our Dojo from the following URL ☆
☆Also we’re looking for new mentors who can join us☆

This post was translated from Japanese and edited. The original post was written by ckokmym. The photos were taken by Michie Yamamoto.


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